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  • John

    I order 5 lbs. of Rainbow Cookies on 6/14 and received them on 6/15. Being from Brooklyn and now residing in Staten Island, the cookies were the best my 3 children and I have ever eaten. As I said being from Brooklyn, I have tasted many a bakeries Rainbow cookies and you cannot be beat. The price was great too. Thank you for making the best Rainbow cookies money can buy. I will definitely reorder and tell my friends about your company.

  • Rodney L Gehrett

    LOVE! Can't believe it took me 7 years since I moved from NYC to find a way to get rainbow cookies in Colorado. Authentic and delicious! All my east coast friends living Colorado went crazy for these...will have to order another 5lbs soon!

  • Lori H

    Very fresh and good. Delivery was very quick.

  • Marshal Banana

    These are the best cookies in the world, but nobody carries them even remotely close to where I live, which is apparently Hell.

  • JR

    Lovely to have these at Christmas. They were one of my favorite treats when I grew up in New York and I shared them with my family over the holidays. Big success. And some are in the freezer for me to enjoy. Great value and purchase. Hope to be able to get these again and again.

  • Carmel Wright

    My son and his college buddies at IU LOVED!!

  • Kit Splan

    The rainbow cookies were well-packaged. They were very fresh and they were exactly like the ones I loved growing up in New York. My family and I ate many of them, served many at a Holiday party and then froze the rest. So far, it appears that they freeze and unfreeze very well. Don't be daunted by the quantity, since they freeze well. I will definitely order these again.

  • Angie P

    These were delicious and arrived on time and fresh. My husband loves these and he can't find them where we live. He grew up in NY and is always missing the food there. I gave these to him on Father's Day and his face lit up. He was going to share them with his brothers, but he ended up eating them all. I will buy these again.

  • lilacso

    THESE ARE THE BEST RAINBOW COOKIES AROUND!!! I had recently purchased "Cakebites" at ShopRite and they were the closest to the original rainbow cookie that I could find. I originally searched Amazon to find the same brand until I saw a 5lb package of these. I decided to spend the $40 and I'm GLAD I DID. These are the BEST rainbow cookie I've ever tasted in my LIFE!!! And the fact that they were left of my front porch in the cold made them even BETTER!!!! GREAT JOB TO YOU!!! THANK YOU!

  • Jessica S.

    These cookies bring back such sweet memories from my childhood days in Brooklyn. I have bought them 6 times already and getting ready to purchase my 7th 5lb box. What I don't eat right away, I freeze in little Ziploc bags and all it takes is about 20 minutes and they are ready again. Out of all my orders, I only got one box that seemed like it was old but all the other ones were perfect and very fresh.