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Cookies Make People Happy!!

Recently I came across such a special young person named Austin.  Austin suffered at just 16 months old with stage 4 neuroblastoma. Inoperable 13 cm x 9 cm tumor in abdomen & metastasis to lymph node in neck. Followed intense 18 month COG protocol involving 6 & 1/2 cycles of chemotherapy, 12 days of radiation treatments, stem cell harvest & stem cell transplant, 6 months of immunotherapy with CH 14.18, IL2, GM-CSF & cis-retnoic acid (accutane). He’s overcome so many obstacles & challenges.  When Austin came by the Cookie Outlet recently he had this contagious huge smile spread all across his face.  He was nothing but positive energy and he wanted nothing more than to just enjoy a delicious cookie.  We gave Austin a hard icing superhero Transformer cookie (Autobot/Good Guy).  Austin was so excited to tell all of us that “He kicked Cancer’s butt”.  It was amazing how one little cookie made him so happy.  He just appreciated being in the moment and being alive.  We hope that cookies could put a smile on your face also.  Go to for cookies that are sure to make you smile….

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