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All these different types of Rainbow Cookies!!!

I was recently looking to put together a cookie platter for an upcoming event I was participating in.  I wanted to make a 5 lb tray to feed about 75 people.  I decided I wanted to buy the cookies in bulk and then make my tray.  I am a huge fan of Rainbow Cookies and wanted to put some on the tray.  I was looking on the internet and found an amazing website called  This site blew my mind.  I found out that they had so many different types of Rainbow Cookies.  To start they had sprinkle topped Rainbow Cookies.  Then I found White Rainbow cookies.  They were amazing.  I then went on to find non-sprinkled rainbow cookies.  Then to top it off for all my sugar-free friends, I found Sugar-free Rainbow Cookies.     I had no clue they even made this many types of Rainbow cookies.  I was pleasantly surprised.  When I showed up with the cookie tray everyone was blown away and excited by it.  It was a huge hit.  There was not one left over after the function.

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